Infinitely curious + pleasantly persistent


In college I desperately wanted to study abroad. Unfortunately, the way my major was designed, if I missed a semester, I essentially lost a year. I tried to figure out how to make the semester up. Believe me, I tried. I called universities near my parents home so I could make it up over the summer. I specifically recall reaching out to Princeton to see if I could take a copywriting class. Princeton thought I meant a copyrighting the law school. After my adviser laid it out, 'stay in the advertising/pr track or add an extra year,' which was not financially feasible, I finally let it go. Or, rather, let it go at least until I graduated.

Dreams don't die. After graduation, it came as no surprise that I still wanted to live abroad. When my friends were looking for full-time jobs after graduation, I found a program called BUNAC, secured myself a passport and a six-month work visa and left for London.

In London, I found myself a job as an executive assistant at Law Business Research, an independent publisher. Before securing an office job, I tended bar (for a few weeks) and handed out flyers for a mobile phone company (for a few days). (It was late fall so it was getting cold outside, and clearly not my dream job.)

Upon my return to the US, I began my career in New York City in healthcare communications. I joined Shire Hall, later helping to rebrand the company as Shire Health, the newly launched US-based office of an established, and successful, European healthcare communications agency. In the New York office, I was one of two Americans, out of four full-time employees. The job came with international travel (my very first business trip was to Copenhagen!) and a boss with a British accent (which was a nice reminder of where I had just been). The work was fascinating, and because of our small size, I had access to assignments that I wouldn't have had in an entry-level role in a larger agency. I had found my professional home.

After a few years with Shire Health, and wanting to expand beyond healthcare and pharma, I found my way into a business development role at DDB, a Madison Avenue ad agency. The joke was on me. I learned that my pharma background was one of the reasons I was hired! When I joined DDB, the new biz team consisted of my boss (who had just assumed this new role) and myself. When I left, nearly five years later, our team had grown in size, and we had the most successful years of new business the agency had ever seen.

I left DDB for a marketing role at NBC. I changed my company but not my commute since 30 Rock was just a block away from DDB. At NBC I created and developed custom marketing campaigns to generate revenue beyond traditional ad sales for NBC programming, including the Olympics. There, I worked on national brands that you'd recognize in an instant to smaller, local brands specific to local markets.

After 10+ years in New York City, and plenty of passport stamps since living in London, the travel bug hit hard. I left a perfectly good job at NBC to take a sabbatical to fulfill a personal dream. I had been to Argentina a few years prior and simply fell in love with the country. I wanted more of South America, and I wanted to explore more than just a two-week vacation would offer. Once there, I traveled solo throughout Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Upon my return to the US, I began freelancing with lifestyle technology companies. I partnered with a global SIM card startup, subscription box startup, digital marketing agency, on-demand translation services and a luxury vacation rental website, to name a few.

Later, I relocated to Atlanta to lead the marketing function at World 50, an invitation-only membership community for C-suite executives from the Global 1000.

Since leaving World 50, and Atlanta, I've contributed go-to-market strategies to refine product position, drive awareness and generate leads for Verizon, managed PR for several West Coast technology startups and worked on a mix of long-term assignments and projects for agencies, startups and established companies here in the US and abroad.

Throughout my career I've created and executed global and hyper-local campaigns at multinationals and startups. I've dabbled in nearly every business vertical, and my writing has been published on the Huffington Post and the Muse, to name two. I have guest lectured at NYU.

If I don't know how to do it, I will figure it out. I am very good at Scrabble, and South America holds a soft spot in my heart. I have worked, lived and traveled abroad. I circle typos in take-out menus. I make to-do lists because I love crossing things off. My love of the outdoors coupled with a good sense of direction introduced me to orienteering. I am game to try most anything at least once, and so I have vowed never to hike 7+ hours on a glacier again, though it was simply spectacular.

I thrive in entrepreneurial, fast-paced environments and I'm passionate about travel, startups and change.

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